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To design and build a sustainable parklet. Parklets not only emphasize social interaction in thriving areas with attractions, restaurants and shops but also encourage walking and cycling. In turn, supporting local ground level businesses. A parklet would serve as an additional welcome venue and gathering place for locals and tourists alike, enhancing the downtown core and Midtown District.

Web Design
Parklet Design
Safety Barrier

Average Roff Parklet Day Usage

Average Roff Parklet Day Usage

Landscape Design
Commemorative Badges
Laser Engravings


CLIENT: Our Alley

PROJECT LEADS: Nellie Davis, Britton Douglass, Matthew McIver

BUILDERS: Mechanic Mike & Mikey Burke



Roff Parklet was Reno’s first. We faced several challenges with this project. After conceptualizing the parklet design through a 3D print and working with City of Reno officials and neighborhood tenants, we were able to green-light the project. After a few attempts at fundraising, collecting an old barn and donated steel, the craftsmen were able to get to work. We installed the parklet on a rainy day in October in hopes to have it done for the TEDxReno event.

A main component of the installation was to engage users and add layers of discovery. After a few nights of lost sleep, we came up with the idea to incorporate artwork and educational components on the nearby Truckee River and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout species. With only a few days left on the buildout, we laser engraved the artwork into the standing desk / bike rack feature.

After completing the buildout, the community roared with applause. Many people enjoy this social setting when taking a break from their work at the Reno Collective, random passerby’s stare in wonder and sit down to try it out. By setting the standard for design, build quality and interaction, we are proud to have developed this project and bring this type of vibrancy to our community. 

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