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This is one of the largest and most successful collaborative projects with L&M. The initial scope of work was to reverse engineer their app to a website and has since become a full-time client with Peter. Tremendous detail has gone into not just the website but several iterations of the mobile and app platforms as well.  From custom illustrations, to revisting the brand, to late nights perfecting every pixel of the UX wireframes, this is a project that sure makes us proud. 

Allthecooks is the best place to find and share recipes. If you are a stay at home mom or simply figure out tonight’s meal, the Allthecooks platform is rewarding, frictionless, and the most efficient recipe system in the world. With over 200,000 recipes submitted, and growing every day, the platform continually caters to the interest of the user with a functional, simple interface to make cooking an enjoyable experience.

CLIENT: Allthecooks

WEB / UI / UX: Peter Laxalt

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