A hat-tip to our community and a salute to our future: Taking it all in at the AAF Reno ADDY Awards

10 Gold + 7 Silver ADDYs

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"Packaging Campaign" - Remy & Max Bar Syrups


"Logo Design" - Lasting Dose


"Packaging Campaign" - Remy & Max Coffee Syrups


"Advertising Industry Self-Promotion" L&M Rolling Out Clay Coffee Mugs


“Packaging Campaign” – Bills Beans


A hat-tip to our community and a salute to our future: Taking it all in at the AAF Reno ADDY Awards

This last couple weeks have been a rush for us. On Friday, March 11th, we sat in the Edge Nightclub at the Peppermill (which was weird to do, completely sober – but that’s for another blog post) blown away by what was happening.

our work won some awards, my bosses said be humble.

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Let’s just get our little humble-brag out of the way right now so we can move on to more important orders of the day…

Our little (and if you’ve seen our studio, you know what we mean by ‘little’) digital agency proceeded to win 10 gold and 7 silver awards in categories ranging from logo design and cinematography to packaging and user experience.

We thought about writing up an editorial the next day to rave about our success, but that didn’t really fit our style. Instead, we used it as the perfect excuse to sit back and reflect on our work. It’s provided us with an incredible opportunity to take stock of what’s making an impact and what’s not. And it’s given us a damn good reason to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back (which is a refreshing contrast to the creative dilemma we all face of constantly telling ourselves that the work is NEVER good enough) and to pave the way moving forward…

But most of all, it’s inspired a true sense of gratitude for the line of work we’re in and the community we call home. We’ve only been doing this for a year (and a few months) now. Our sweep at the Addy awards has made us realize how fortunate we’ve been to have found our sweet spot with our small (but powerful) team. And it’s made us beyond thankful to be working beside people in this industry who push each other to do better work and support each other along the way.

Sure, the results of that night were unbelievable for us. But above that, after going back to the studio (after a few obligatory high-fives, of course) what was really special about that night was to take notice of the spectacular work that surrounded ours that night. We’re so humbled to be in the same community with such a sheer number of awe-inspiring designers and change-makers that call our town home.

And so, here’s to you, Reno. Here’s to you, AAF. Here’s to our clients who we work tirelessly around the clock to serve. And here’s to our community of fellow ruckus-makers in this beautiful, creative field we’ve found ourselves in. We’ve gone from screen-printing in our garage (Matt McIver) and graffiti on the streets (Pete Laxalt) to working with some of the most soulful brands and businesses out there in pretty short order. And that gets us incredibly excited about what the future holds for us and for our town.



AAF ADDY 2015 Awards:


  • “Logo Design” – The New Deal
  • Cinematography” – The San Franciscan Coffee Roaster
  • “Ad Club or Marketing Club Advertising” – Reno Art Slaves
  • “Packaging Campaign” – Remy & Max Bar Syrups
  • “Advertising Industry Self-Promotion” L&M Rolling Out Clay Coffee Mugs
  • “Packaging Campaign” – Tea Queen
  • “Online/Interactive Mobile App” – Covered
  • “Illustration Series” – Basque Saints
  • “Public Service Out-Of-Home” – Comida Local Posters
  • “Logo Design” – Lasting Dose



  • “Social Media/Websites Consumer” –
  • “Illustration Series” – EDAWN
  • “Packaging Campaign” – Orange Roasting Company
  • “Packaging Campaign” – Remy & Max Coffee Syrups
  • “Specialty Advertising – Apparrel” – Reno Collective
  • “Packaging Campaign” – Bills Beans
  • “User Experience” – Covered


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  1. rick laxalt
    Permalink to comment#

    I am so proud of you guys. The old saying “Success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration” may not wholly apply to you, but it certainly comes to mind after watching over the past year.
    Shakers and Movers get it done! Love Rick

    • Matthew McIver
      Permalink to comment#

      If only Pete would get some sleep these days! Thanks for the support Rick!

  2. Mitch ARgon
    Permalink to comment#

    Great work guys! Keep it up!

  3. A. BeckY u. John
    Permalink to comment#

    Grand old times for Laxalt Et al. Loved hearing from Mom, reading your story, viewing the posts. We love you Peter

  4. Dudley Leavitt
    Permalink to comment#

    Our family has know Matt for many years and has seen his immense artistic talent develop into a true designer. He also has the integrity and enthusiasm to flourish in his career.

  5. Edwin Raymond III
    Permalink to comment#

    So proud of you!

  6. Stacey Montooth
    Permalink to comment#

    Glad to have a front row seat to your creativity. Thank you for making my job better. –Stacey, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony


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