L&M Celebrates One Year!


L&M Celebrates One Year!

L&M Celebrates One Year!

One year ago today, I had a cup of coffee that would change my life forever. After sending Peter Laxalt a direct message on Instagram with the intent to collaborate on some projects, we soon met at a local coffee shop (Coffeebar) where ideas would be spilled onto the table. It turned out those ideas wouldn’t stop bouncing back and forth, like a yin and yang. I was coming from a background of print, web & photography experience. Peter had an impeccable portfolio of illustration and typography.

We laughed at the idea of quitting our day jobs to start our own studio. Then we walked away that night with a hand-shake that would seal our ideas in a creative partnership. The very next day we applied for a business license in the State of Nevada. We would again meet in the evenings after work at Coffeebar working late into the night. Building our identity. Building our website and announcement of who we were to the world.

After months of drinking the local coffee shops dry and abusing the Wi-Fi, we were fortunate enough to call the Reno Collective home. The community was positively responding to our work, and we continued to grow. Very humbled and hungry, we kept developing our own workflows and services. We established an intimate design studio in the heart of downtown Reno, and what seems like yesterday has now been one hell of a year.

We hired a part time employee, Binh, whose proved himself in the trenches. We have the greatest neighbors in our alley. We’ve had our ups and our downs (our studio being robbed), but we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve so many great clients and exceed at what we love doing.  And personally I’ve learned to become a better communicator, a better leader, listener, designer, photographer & partner.

So this post goes out to you, to everyone who has supported us, doubted us and/or shared our work!

Matt McIver | Creative Partner

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