Matt Competes/Wins in AIGA Pixels of Fury

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Matt Competes/Wins in AIGA Pixels of Fury

Matt Competes/Wins in AIGA Pixels of Fury

Have you ever had to design at breakneck speed? Late last year, AIGA Reno-Tahoe, hosted an annual design competition known as Pixels of Fury. Sponsored by, the contestants were supplied with access to full libraries of stock images and vector artwork. Divided into tournament style brackets, designers went head to head with random themes to design a poster in 20 min.


After dominating the 1st round of “Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”, with a heavenly poster design of St. Mary, Matt was selected as a finalist. The final round brought something near and dear to him with the theme “Biggest Little City”. Matt has instilled passion into our community over the past few years and has been fortunate to work on select campaigns and projects promoting our region. With creating a bigger and better place to live in mind, he took to the canvas and crafted a poster with the vision of a clean, simple, iconic skyline of our city with a carefully selected color palette promoting the warmth and growth of Reno. He polished the design off with a fitting headline “There’s no place like home.” and took first place, representing Laxalt & McIver for the first time in public eyes.

To read more about the AIGA/Shutterstock Pixels of Fury content, click HERE.

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