Why I Switched from Aperture to Adobe Lightroom

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Why I Switched from Aperture to Adobe Lightroom

Why I Switched from Aperture to Adobe Lightroom

Learning new software can be challenging! For the last 6 years of shooting digital photography in the RAW format, I’ve always relied on Apple Aperture for it’s massive library cataloging capabilities, RAW processing (or un-processing) and overall UI workflow experience.

That all changed during a commercial shoot I had recently. The job was to shoot product and model with alpa channel 0,0,0 background. I used Aperture to edit with brush adjustments, took multiple brushes built up and multiple passes. Went to export files and ran alpha tests only to see the photo’s adjustments were not applied to the JPEG on export. After hours of pulling hair and having the art director review, we finally found it was a glitch in the software that many users were reporting.



Aperture always just seemed to work, then it seemed like Apple stopped pushing innovation and falling behind to CaptureOne and Lightroom. One of the reasons I’ve always felt bound to Aperture was the way it packaged the photo libraries and making them inaccessible on PCs and other computers without Aperture installed (iPhoto now capable of processing the libarary).


After recently purchasing subscribing Adobe Creative Cloud membership, I opened up Lightroom and gave it a run on another portrait session, shooting tethered. LR’s intuitive brushes recognizes edges and  were content aware. The algorithms Adobe provided cut my workflow almost in half and was able to deliver consistent imagery to my clients for their eCommerce needs. I was sold.

After using LR for several months now, I’ve familiarized myself with the UI and workflow to keep myself sane and the clients happy.

Key Points for the switch:

Native Library (cant access photos outside of Aperture)
Edits not applying on export
Brushes, algorithms, speed of rendering.
Plugins (Zenfolio Export was great in Aperture)
Photoshop/Layers Workflow

Below is some links I’ve found helpful or inspiring in making the transition to Lightroom:

Jeremy Cowart’s Lightroom Workflow Tutorial

Video Tutorial: Importing Your Photos from Aperture to Lightroom

A Killer Collection of Lightroom Tutorials

CreativeLIVE: Advanced Lightroom Workflow with Jared Platt




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