Gear Review: olloclip 3-In-ONE Photo Lens & Quick-Flip Case

Gear Review: olloclip 3-In-ONE Photo Lens & Quick-Flip Case

Over the summer I’ve been testing out a demo model of Olloclip‘s 3-In-ONE Wide Angle/ Fish Eye/ Macro lens kit & case for my iPhone 5. I was fortunate enough to meet the awesome sales reps at the Agenda Long Beach show who thought I’d put their product to good use! And boy did I have fun testing it out!

Clean packaging!


MMcIver2013_OlloFlux  002
olloclip Quick-Flip case & tripod holster

The Quick-Flip case is a composite plastic that fits sleek & snug on the smartphones body allowing for casual everyday use and not being too bulky in the pocket.  It has an additional tripod holster clip for mounting your phone in both horizontal & vertical positions to any standard 1/8″ ballhead. The case opens up to clip the olloclip lens over your smartphones camera & also doubles as a shutter release button. With an additional cold shoe mount you could really put this thing into a mini production with an external mic or LED light for better videos in low light.

MMcIver2013_OlloFlux  003
Sleek case design with opening shutter button.
MMcIver2013_OlloFlux  004
Shutter button extended.
MMcIver2013_OlloFlux  005
iPhone 5 & olloclip mounted to a prototype CineFlux Micro motorized video rail.


My favorite lens was the wide-angle. It sufficiently increased the angle of view with minimal vignetting. The fish eye was fun to play with but is a little bit out of my style with the heavy clipping and vignette. Macro seemed to work well with a little focus ring you could use to dial in the sweet spot with a nice depth of field. Unfortunately I’ve lost the lens at this time of the review but will definitely be picking up another one and would like to try out their telephoto lens as well.

Here’s some shots captured using the 3-In-ONE Photo Lens:


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