Neighbors: Nevada Fine Arts Murals – Midtown Reno, NV

Neighbors: Nevada Fine Arts Murals – Midtown Reno, NV

Panoramic by Bryce Chisholm

In the month of April, the south end of Midtown in Reno, NV was quickly transformed by several artists.  The walls of Nevada Fine Arts were plastered with many coats and style of paint by the local talent of Kelly Peyton, ABC Art Attack, OverUnder, Joe C Rock and one featured artist from Baltimore, Nanook. Through hail storms and a bunch of curious on-lookers, each artist was able to paint their art on a canvas for the whole community to enjoy over the course of about a week. The following video is a timelapse I shot & edited on my lunch breaks. Take a look and go check it out in person if you’re in town!


MMcIver2013_BryceChisholm-NFAMurals  057

Music by Ante Hip Hop




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