Recovering From A Disaster

Recovering From A Disaster

On Wednesday I had a terrible experience involving my Aperture library. My external harddrive which contained all my photos from the last 3 years was ejected improperly when my laptop battery died, which caused the whole drive to become dysfunctional. With no backups of my library on any of my drives I thought I had lost all the hard work I’ve created over the years.

I began researching recovery services and soon found Boomerang Data Recovery. I installed it and began the scan, but was halted about 78% along the way after a day. I gave up with this program and was recommended to use Data Recovery 3 from ProSoft. The test trial came up with results only after a couple of hours, but limited me to 10MB of recovery. My library consists of over 99GB of RAW files so that wasn’t going to work.

So after $99 to purchase the ¬†full version, I now have all my original files restored. I’ve come across a few files that weren’t completely recoverable, lost all my metadata, projects and edits; However, the fact that this software restored most of the originals was truely a life saver. I’m looking forward to re-editing most of my keepers and building a new solid library from the ground up. Backing up will definitely be more implemented into my workflow now with copying Vaults onto multiple external drives and burning each project onto DVD after an import.

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